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Janus Capital Group, Inc. was an American publicly owned investment firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company's asset-management disciplines included growth, core, international, value, mathematical, alternative and fixed-income. These products were sold through advisors and financial intermediaries, to institutional investors and directly to retail investors. Janus Capital Group was created as a result of the January 1, 2003, merger of Janus Capital Corporation into its parent company, Stilwell Financial Inc. Janus Capital Group consists of Janus Capital Management LLC (Janus), Intech Investment Management LLC (Intech), and Kapstream Capital Pty Limited (Kapstream), in addition to a range of exchange‐traded products. Additionally, Janus Capital Group owns 80% of Perkins Investment Management (formerly Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Company). Outside the U.S., Janus had offices in Sydney, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Dubai, Taipei, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Singapore. Janus is in the S&P MidCap 400 Index. It merged with Henderson Group in May 2017 to create Janus Henderson.

A former employee mentioned the merger mayhem that happened, "Leadership (CEO et al) at Janus essentially abandoned Denver for London after the merger. Still suffering fallout and high turnover. No clear career path, zero management accountability and very few opportunities for advancement. Comms dept has been a disaster. No direction, everyone out for themselves type culture. Very cliquey. The industry as a whole is suffering. Always check out a company's latest earnings report and share price performance before taking a job. Says it all. Don't trust positive reviews on here...most likely HR boosting..."


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Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is awful. New people can't be successful because there's no team work. You call ask for help and you get a million excuses why they can help you. The production Manager only cares about one building. No safety rules. Cons: Management are some snakes."

Fabrication (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors like petite, cute girls and cater to them. Too many demands on each employee and frustrating. Last minute OT notice and is usually 3 Saturdays a month you have to work"

Production Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Janus is a fast paste setting and very underpaid setting compared to all the surrounding companies which is why they have a hard time keeping employees two faced management and you have to watch the HR dept. they are very unethical along with the help of the new plant manager. Cons: pay and time off"

Swing Door Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Horrible leadership, stressful environment, micromanaging, unfair pay, non paid lunch, very hot warehouse, equipment malfunctions,small bathroom, dirty environment"

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Management have no idea what's going on. They expect you to bend over backwards without supporting their staff. Old machines producing supposed quality products will never happen, with too many defective and poorly maintained machines constantly breaking down. Cons: Too many chiefs!!!"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke. Training is terrible. DO NOT WORK THERE. It's a very unsafe work environment. The work schedule is anything but flexible. Don't waste your time applying."

Shipping Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company has serious problems with management group being of the "good ol boy" network. If you're not one of the drinking and partying group you won't get very far with this company. Cons: construction type work in poor economy"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Depending on your supervisors this place can be good. Skin color plays a huge roll on job placement and raises/pay. Blame placing will earn you points with supervisors since they don't do any actual supervising and depend on their star players to do their watching. Covid safety is a joke, so if you value your health look elsewhere. Cons: Pay/raises"

Machine Operator/Material Assembler/Crane Operator (Former Employee) says

"You can work your butt off and see incompetent workers get promoted. Supervisors and managers are full of empty promises. Ratio of work load to pay= 3:1 Cons: Everything else"

Sub contractor (Current Employee) says

"The boss here started working at the main company lately, so he hasnt been caring if his crew works lately. No daily allowance and sometimes 3 to a hotel room."

Corporate Controller (Current Employee) says

"Firm is undergoing transition. Recently purchased by a NYC PE firm. Revolving door as they exit the relationship. Located in SW GA which is 45 mins outside of Atlanta. Difficult commute. Early hours starting at 8:00 a.m. officially. Cons: 45 mins from Atlanta in rural SW GA"

hardware (Former Employee) says

"Use to care about the employees,but then got a new plant magager now its all about getting production out. Lost my vacation, cause wasn't able to keep people in the dept. I worked in. I always made sure orders were done, was a good worker, but that wasn't enough, if you aren't the plant manager pet, you lose your job, thats why im unemployed now. And i even turned to corporate to help, but they took his side. Its sad Cons: lousy management"

General Office (Former Employee) says

"Not an employer that rewards hard work and dedication. If you like hearing that you've done a good job, management will not do that. Cons: No open door policy or managers were not around."

Axles (Current Employee) says

"The plant manager sit on top of a rather large ego, he is too busy trying to push the production beyond the limit to properly maintain quality. When something gets messed up he like to find someone to pin it on, when he is the one that is at fault. Great employees as long as they are not in management. Cons: Low pay, bad management"

Account Receivable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"No real training given to office employees. You are made to feel Cons: management"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"If I didn’t have college test and other admission things required I probably would have stayed for longer."

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"odd working hours and management, no structure at all. Pay was below average it was easy work though. sometimes they would let you go early so it hurt the pay even more. Cons: pay"

Order Manager (Current Employee) says

"• Communicate with vendors on purchase orders."

Order Entry Clerk (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is usually long and stressful, you never know what to expect. I have learned that there are a lot of hardworking people in this world that get no recognition or compensation for their hard work. The management here is very secretive and gossipy, they always make you feel that something bad is going on and that makes you worry about the condition of the company, If you have a problem, most feel that they can't express their concerns because of the repercussions that will follow. Most also feel like their personal business is being talked about by management and others that they chose to share it with. The hardest part of the job is seeing all of the politics and favoritism that goes on. Management (owners) are very open with their political views and there are always e-mails going around to discuss those views. the most enjoyable part about the job is my co-workers. They are an incredible group of people that have become like family to me, they are the reason that I have been there so long Cons: benefits are not good, office politics, attitude of management"

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